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Enegry Saving Calculator

Number of New Illuminators to be Installed :
Power of Old Illuminators : Watts
Expected Bulb/Unit Life of Old Illuminator : Hours
Currency :
Bulb Unit Cost of Old Illuminator :
Labour Cost Per Bulb Change :
Electricity Tariff per kW/h :
New Illuminator :
Power of New Illuminator : Watts__

Estimated Running Costs:

Annually Old Illuminator New Illuminator Your Saving
Energy Cost per Illuminator :
Bulb Unit Cost per Illuminator :
Labour Cost per Illuminator :
Total Cost per Illuminator :

Estimated Savings Summary:

Power CO2 Total
kWh Tonnes Saving
Annually :
5 Years :
10 Years :

1) Calculations are based on 12 hours of usage a day.
2) Values generated from this calculator are approximated and therefore should only be used a guideline.